The Curve for arts organisations

I was asked to speak at No Boundaries, a conference organised by The Arts Council to help arts organisations think about how to thrive in challenging environment.

Delegate Charlotte Pearson wrote up my session on her blog. Here is the segment about the Curve:


“This talk in particular I found fascinating as it covered how to make money out of free, for example, out of free apps. Being an avid subscriber to youtube for the past 5 years, being a smartphone owner and having read many blogs over the years, the concept of making money out of free content has always been something that has intrigued me. Nicholas Lovell was able to break this down really easily by suggesting we all flip our thinking.

  • Find your audience
  • Use technology to figure out what they value and engage in conversation with them
  • Enable superfans

Find out what it is that people love and you’ll find a market. It’s not all about the content, but how it makes the consumer feel. Nicholas suggested that instead of expecting to be paid we need to earn the right to be paid through building relationships. As we are in a digital age our content is often shared regardless of consent, so why not embrace that, allowing freeloaders but then providing paid packages for those who are more enthusiastic, enabling superfans.

“Love freeloaders, love superfans, and love everyone inbetween” – Nicholas Lovell

This is something that can be seen all around. At the moment Tyler Oakley, a youtuber and supporter of The Trevor Project from America, embarked on a mission to raise $150,000 for the Trevor Project in about 60 days leading up to his birthday. Using a site that allowed him to offer gifts as an incentive depending on how much you donated, he managed to pass his goal in about 3 days, currently having surpassed $250,000 and all still with a couple of weeks to go. This is just one example of how to tier your products and experiences to the budgets and enthusiasm of your audience, or communities as many youtubers like to refer to their subscribers.”

You can find the full video of my 10 minute talk at No Boundaries at http://nb2014.org/

Nicholas Lovell