The advertising industry’s “obsession with millennials is nothing but narcissism disguised as strategy”

We are living through one of the most startling demographic shifts in history.

Ad Contrarian reports, using a Business Insider chart, that in 1950, there were 3x as many under 5s as there were over-65s. By 2050, there will be 2x as many oldies (over 65) as young-uns (under 5).

The crossing point is right about now.


That is staggering. It suggests a fundamental rethink about what is sold, about how trends are created and about how advertising and marketing will work. Over-50s will be “the most valuable generation in the history of marketing” (Nielsen).

Adcontrarian sums the change up like this:

“50-year-old women are pot-head, rock blasting, sex fiends…

As a matter of fact, 65-year-old-women grew up with the Rolling Stones, smoke weed and watch porn. They ain’t grandma anymore.”

Nicholas Lovell