TEDx talk: help needed with my title

I’ve been invited to speak at TEDx Brum on 8th November.


It’s a great honour to speak at TED, and I’m really looking forward to it. The problem I have is the title of my talk.

The theme of the day is DIY, “the method of building, modifying or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals.”

My talk will be about The Curve, naturally. My usual title is “How to Make Money When Everything is Going Free”. Which works well in many instances but feels a bit narrow here. It seems as if it is all about the money, but that’s not how it feels in my consultancy practice. Clients are often surprised about how much time we spend working on how to find the emotional core of what you do; how to let your audience love you, and how to give them the space and opportunity to experience what you do (probably for free) and to pay you money for things that they truly value.

So can you help me with a new title for a 15 minute talk, based on The Curve, with love at its heart, suitable for TED? Some ideas:

  • Love your freeloaders, love your fans
  • Find an audience, earn your fans
  • From followers to superfans
  • Free, expensive and everything in between.

Please help, via twitter (@nicholaslovell) or in the comments below.

Nicholas Lovell

  • https://plus.google.com/112879998616209951634/posts David Barnes

    I wonder if you could link your title more closely to the DIY theme. Free is a way that you can spread your message yourself, without relying on advertising or press coverage or anybody else.

    Agree that TEDx might not be purely business focused. Interpret superfans more broadly: this is about using free products to spread widely and ‘call out’ activists, patrons, supporters, like minds. Call the product “your art” or “your work”, TEDxers should love that.

    Spread It Yourself: how giving your work away for free is great for your art, your independence, and your bank balance?