Love your freeloaders, love your fans–my TED talk is live

Last November, I gave a talk at TEDx Brum.

It is the condensed version of what I believe about the future of art and the future of business. I talk about how piracy is not the issue, competition is. How we need to harness the web to give stuff away, but we need to use that stuff to earn the right to talk to people again. That we need to enable superfans, by letting those who love what we do spend lots of money on things they really value.

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The making of The Curve in 2 minutes

As we were planning the marketing campaign for The Curve, Richard Lennon at Portfolio Penguin raised the idea of investing in an animated video to get the ideas of The Curve across in under two minutes. I thought it was a marvellous idea, as a great free entry point into the ideas of The Curve that might enable us to start a conversation with potential readers. I’m delighted with the end result, which you can see below. And once you’ve watched it, scroll down to read about how we made it and some lessons learned for the future. Continue Reading