The (Almost) Perfect Email

This is a guest post from Jessie Scoullar of Wicksteed Works, a direct-to-fan agency, on how to make email campaigns zing.

We’re signed up to a lot of mailing lists. For solo artists, major artists, indie guitar bands, rock bands, dance acts, independent labels, for authors and filmmakers and agencies and marketing consultants.

We’re professionally interested in how people with a message choose to convey it. Whenever we receive a mailer, we can’t help but scrutinise it – does the layout work? Are the buttons “bulletproof“? Has alternate text been used where the email client has images switched off? Is it optimised for mobile? How about the text – is the message clear? Is there too much, or too little information? Clear call-to-action?

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The making of The Curve in 2 minutes

As we were planning the marketing campaign for The Curve, Richard Lennon at Portfolio Penguin raised the idea of investing in an animated video to get the ideas of The Curve across in under two minutes. I thought it was a marvellous idea, as a great free entry point into the ideas of The Curve that might enable us to start a conversation with potential readers. I’m delighted with the end result, which you can see below. And once you’ve watched it, scroll down to read about how we made it and some lessons learned for the future. Continue Reading