From Guardian membership to U2 giveaways: some thoughts on free #mcs2014

I will be chairing the Mobile Content Summit in London on Thursday 2nd October. In advance of the event, BusinessTechnology interviewed me for my thoughts on free and making money in a digital age. The interview is reproduced (with permission) below.

The customers of the digital world expect more for less. We read openly-available news online, stream music from Spotify for free, and play chart-topping games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga without parting with any of our cash – initially, at least. Continue Reading


The article is dead – long live the story

In the Guardian today, Frederic Filloux wrote a fascinating piece about the future of the news article.

Filloux worries that people, even a “witty, fast-thinking young engineer” working “for an upcoming web and mobile platform” have an old-fashioned view of an article. “He looked at the journalistic article in an old-fashioned way: a block of text, augmented with links here and there, period.”

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