This is the first of many interviews with people HERE/FORTH think are interesting, worthy of your attention and who have impacted our thinking recently. …read interview


In no way is this a simple black and white, big vs. small binary. But undoubtedly there are a wealth of opportunities here that small businessses could benefit enormously from. …read review

Management today

The Curve is well researched and well argued. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in digital disruption and powerful new methods of engaging with customers. …read review

The book bag

Perhaps the most interesting of all, Lovell gives an insight into just what 3-D printing will mean to businesses, and how they can potentially use this in conjunction with the curve. …read review

Irish Times

The web has fundamentally changed the nature of relationships, giving power to consumers. Traditional players like record labels and newspapers now find themselves struggling with broken models. The curve strategy offers hope …read review


We use free to find an audience, and we use technology to talk to them again. That is the biggest message for small business owners; it is no good giving stuff away for free — content marketing doesn’t work — unless you are earning the right to talk to your customers again. …listen to interview

RTE Radio 1

Things really are worthless. It’s about the experience, the relationship, the excitement and the emotion. This is a very different type of world that we’re looking at for the 21st century.  …listen to interview

Publishing trends

As publishers put more and more onus on authors to create their own personal brand recognition, the Curve may be a way that publishers can capitalize on the audience their authors bring in. …read review

Publishers Weekly

“The Web makes it really easy to share stuff, and when it becomes really easy to share stuff, it becomes increasingly hard to charge for that stuff,” Lovell explains. “But the Web also enables us to build one-to-one relationships with our audiences and customers in a way that hasn’t been possible before.”  …listen to interview


Everyone is your customer, but only some will pay you …read article (1, 2)

Engineering and Technology Magazine

Any fool knows that you don’t get rich by giving it away. And yet, in today’s digitally connected world, free content is an increasingly popular catalyst for commercial success. Nicholas Lovell’s new book explains all. …read interview

The Guardian

How can some free businesses be thriving while others are haemorrhaging revenue? Nicholas Lovell thinks the answer lies in your approach to the web …read article

Financial Times

This brave new world of digital business is explored in The Curve: From Freeloaders into Superfans – The Future of Business by Nicholas Lovell …read review


“Risk cannot be created or destroyed – it can only be converted into other kinds of risk” …read article

Wall Street Journal

How going free can bring profits …read article


Who tells you what you shouldn’t do, though? What you should avoid? If today’s F2P Summit in London was anything to go by, that person would be Gamesbrief’s Nicholas Lovell. …read article

BBC Radio Scotland

While some bands, such as Metallica, reacted angrily to filesharing, others such as Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor actually supported their thieving fans. Whilst this might seem like an anarchic act, Nicholas Lovell argues it was in fact an astute business move. …listen to interview


How do you make money from free products? …watch interview

One Life Left

“The big is getting bigger… the middle is getting squeezed… bit the niche is thriving more than ever before” …listen to interview


The book’s importance can’t be over-estimated. …read review

Ninja Creative

Now and then a concept, approach or indeed a book that combines and conveys both comes along that promises to shake up the way business and marketing are conducted. …read article

The Bookseller

“We believe that The Curve, and the ideas behind it, will make a huge impact. So we’re embracing the Curve as we publish this book. From a free e-book through to a £10,000 author masterclass, there’s a mould-breaking range of ways to engage with The Curve.” …read article

Tech City News

“The ethos of the Curve is that business of the future will need to use free to attract fans, use technology to keep in touch with those fans and discover what matters to them, and then allow them to spend as much as they are willing to on the things that they truly value.” …read article

The Guardian

Author Nicholas Lovell has just released his book The Curve, an analysis of the ways companies both big and small can get us to buy their things — it’s all about finding the superfans, he says. But how should we find them? Nicholas came into the studio earlier this week, and I found out. …listen to interview

Business Traveller

Lovell’s background as a consultant in electronic games gives the book lots of new case studies that normal business books don’t have access to. And he is also up-to-date and very knowledgeable about the different strategies. …read review

Wall Street Journal

“You don’t have to be free. You can start with a big brand, you can spend bucket loads of money, but being free is the lowest friction way of finding an audience.” …listen to talk


Stop worrying about the price of books, or music, or art, going to zero. It’s happening. It’s happened. There is no going back. …read feature


At first it was unknown independent studios that did F2P. Then it was venture-backed businesses. Now it is increasingly AAA studios whose expertise lies in crafting huge console products, not iterative free-to-play games. …read guest blog

Wall Street Journal

The Curve shows what content marketing is for (and why so many people are wasting money on it). …read interview