Love your freeloaders, love your fans–my TED talk is live

Last November, I gave a talk at TEDx Brum.

It is the condensed version of what I believe about the future of art and the future of business. I talk about how piracy is not the issue, competition is. How we need to harness the web to give stuff away, but we need to use that stuff to earn the right to talk to people again. That we need to enable superfans, by letting those who love what we do spend lots of money on things they really value.

It packs a lot of thoughts into 15 minutes, I hope that you enjoy it.

And if you, please share it. The talk is only on the TED YouTube channel at the moment. It has not yet made it to the main TED site. Fewer than 10% of talks do. I don’t know by what criteria the TED team select their videos, but I’m hoping that “being really popular” would help.

So I’ve set myself a target of 10,000 views by the end of April. If you watch the video, and like, and can pass it on to a friend, that would really help me. And would be awesome.

Thank you, and enjoy “Love Your Freeloaders, love your fans”.

Nicholas Lovell