How one musician makes a living just by asking.

Musician Nate Maingard hit a milestone today.

Since he announced his Patreon campaign in April 2014, he has received $20,000. Patrons currently give him $1,700 a month. Which is not exactly riches, but compared to the uncertainty that many artists face, it is a great start.

In a blog post today, Nate says, “Since joining Patreon I have written 16 songs, made many youtube music videos, started vlogging (video blogging), played a bunch of intimate house concerts, mentored other indie creatives, become a part of The Lyrical Nomads Collective and have even guest lectured at creative colleges in London and Amsterdam!”

Not only that, he thanks his audience profusely, and includes a picture of two brothers who are patrons, and at whose house he recently played a gig.

Nate is a great example of how an open approach to your fans can finance the creation of your art.

Read Nate’s blog post: http://natemaingard.com/2015/11/my-patrons-have-pledged

Support his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/natemaingard

Check out his music here: http://natemaingard.com/media/music/

Nicholas Lovell