Daniel Ek on the Taylor Swift versus Spotify issue

Daniel Ek posted a strong piece on why he thinks Taylor Swift is picking the wrong target in the battle to ensure that musicians get paid for their work.

Well he would say that, wouldn’t he. He founded Spotify. But the full post is worth reading for anyone trying to understand how Spotify (and indeed any subscription service) fits in the world of the Internet, and of the Curve.

Daniel Ek: $2 billion and counting.

Nicholas Lovell

  • http://www.insightfestival.co.uk Christopher Norris

    Taylor Swift will be back. She is expressing the words that Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta wants she to say. When the label and Mr Brochette realise the freebie grass isn’t greener, they will return. And, in order to have a long career, Ms Swift will need to be visible on the maximum number of platforms