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Writer, consultant and gamer Nicholas Lovell is an expert advisor to creative businesses in the digital age. His insight and advice is helping thousands of creators to be successful in a world where prices tend toward zero, by giving away their content for free while allowing super-fans to spend lots of money on things they truly value.

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For fi fteen years, Nicholas Lovell has been involved in the overlapping areas of technology, media and finance. A former investment banker turned web entrepreneur, his work runs the gamut from consulting at large corporations such as Square Enix to advising innovative start-ups such as Makielabs.

Nicholas is a hugely influential member of our board, and is helping us build and grow the company. He has superb managerial and financial experience, an innate understanding of the web and social networking, and he seems to know pretty much everyone.


Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams and director of TIGA


In 2009, Nicholas published How to Publish a Game to give creators the tools to stop asking for permission and start working towards successful independent businesses. In 2012, he co-authored Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games with Rob Fahey, topping the charts for games-related books on Amazon. The Curve takes these lessons from the games industry to a bigger scale, showing how businesses across media are being transformed as the tyranny of the physical comes to an end.

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I believe every person that works in the gaming industry should have this book (Design Rules)


Mihai Adamut, Executive Producer at eRepublik Labs


Nicholas helps companies big and small to apply Curve thinking to their strategy, delivering experiences that people truly value. His services are available at a variety of scales, from long-term equity relationships to hour-long surgeries.

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Nicholas is a creative thinker who’s always willing to challenge preconceptions (his or yours!) in search of new solutions and I’m very happy to recommend him.

Simon Protheroe at Square Enix Europe


Games and hobbies


Combining his experience as a sailor with his love of role-playing games, Nicholas wrote the ‘Age of Sail‘ supplement for Steve Jackson games’s GURPS. Seafaring and role-playing games also play a major role in his novella Mind Games. At Have Kids Will Sail, Nicholas shares advice with other parents of small children who want to enjoy family holidays at sea. He also maintains Great Scourge, a fan site for Automobile duelling game Car Wars.