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The Curve will tell you how to use the web to give stuff away from free, to build relationships with your biggest fans and to charge them lots of money for things they value.



Mobile is killing consoles’ TV dreams

I was recently spoke at the FT Digital Media Conference and was asked for my thoughts on the future of consoles. I argued that the current crop of consoles are trying to control the living room, just as the actual battleground shifts to who owns the relationship with devices in people’s pockets (smartphones) and bags (tablets). You can see the full video below.


The Curve for arts organisations

I was asked to speak at No Boundaries, a conference organised by The Arts Council to help arts organisations think about how to thrive in challenging environment.

Delegate Charlotte Pearson wrote up my session on her blog. Here is the segment about the Curve:


“This talk in particular I found fascinating as it covered how to make money out of free, for example, out of free apps. Being an avid subscriber to youtube for the past 5 years, being a smartphone owner and having read many blogs over the years, the concept of making money out of free content has always been something that has intrigued me. Nicholas Lovell was able to break this down really easily by suggesting we all flip our thinking. Continue Reading


Why traditional publishers should surrender to self-publishing

This guest post by Eoin Purcell originally appeared on his own blog.

I had a fascinating conversation with Porter Anderson as part of The Booksellers #PorterMeets on Twitter on Monday. The topic was Hugh Howey’s AuthorEarnings project (after they released the original 7,000 report but before they released the 50,000 report) which has been raising hackles and causing ruckus in publishing the last few weeks. The conversation fired up loads of thoughts about self publishing and I wanted, following that discussion, to write a post that encapsulates the discussion and the reality of self publishing now. Continue Reading


King’s IPO–the Radio 4 Today programme segment on it

I was interviewed on the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, Today, this morning about the IPO of King, the makers of the phenomenally successful Candy Crush Saga.

There’s a lot to get into the 3 minute segment. I did my best. You can hear it on the BBC website for the next 7 days. The Candy Crush Saga segments starts at 23:00.

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The article is dead – long live the story

In the Guardian today, Frederic Filloux wrote a fascinating piece about the future of the news article.

Filloux worries that people, even a “witty, fast-thinking young engineer” working “for an upcoming web and mobile platform” have an old-fashioned view of an article. “He looked at the journalistic article in an old-fashioned way: a block of text, augmented with links here and there, period.”

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Your Curve

The Curve is an idea, a new way of looking at the world. Find an audience, probably using free. Be able to speak to them again and figure out what they value, probably using technology. Enable superfans, by letting those who love what you do spend lots of money on things they really value.

This page is for your feedback. Let me know how you are embracing the Curve. Share with others where you have seen The Curve in unlikely places – politics, healthcare, financial services – and more likely ones – fashion, art, books.

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The making of The Curve in 2 minutes

As we were planning the marketing campaign for The Curve, Richard Lennon at Portfolio Penguin raised the idea of investing in an animated video to get the ideas of The Curve across in under two minutes. I thought it was a marvellous idea, as a great free entry point into the ideas of The Curve that might enable us to start a conversation with potential readers. I’m delighted with the end result, which you can see below. And once you’ve watched it, scroll down to read about how we made it and some lessons learned for the future. Continue Reading


‘Sorry, Martin Mills, the future of music is through innovation, not government protection’

This guest post by me recently ran on Musically.

“Martin Mills is a successful entrepreneur who has built the Beggar’s Group into a successful global music label with international stars on his roster. That’s why it is so depressing to see him using his Midem stage to press for governments to resist the tide of change in the consumption and distribution of music. Continue Reading


If Amazon cared about selling hardware, ebooks would already be free

Last week, I spoke to an audience of up-and-coming leaders at a global publisher about the Curve and its consequences for their business. One throwaway line I made was this:

“Apple cares about selling hardware, not software. It pushed the price of apps towards zero to shift units of iPhones and iPads. If Amazon cared more about selling Kindles than being a retailer, ebooks would already be free.”

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