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The (Almost) Perfect Email

This is a guest post from Jessie Scoullar of Wicksteed Works, a direct-to-fan agency, on how to make email campaigns zing.

We’re signed up to a lot of mailing lists. For solo artists, major artists, indie guitar bands, rock bands, dance acts, independent labels, for authors and filmmakers and agencies and marketing consultants.

We’re professionally interested in how people with a message choose to convey it. Whenever we receive a mailer, we can’t help but scrutinise it – does the layout work? Are the buttons “bulletproof“? Has alternate text been used where the email client has images switched off? Is it optimised for mobile? How about the text – is the message clear? Is there too much, or too little information? Clear call-to-action?

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Daniel Ek on the Taylor Swift versus Spotify issue

Daniel Ek posted a strong piece on why he thinks Taylor Swift is picking the wrong target in the battle to ensure that musicians get paid for their work.

Well he would say that, wouldn’t he. He founded Spotify. But the full post is worth reading for anyone trying to understand how Spotify (and indeed any subscription service) fits in the world of the Internet, and of the Curve.

Daniel Ek: $2 billion and counting.


From Guardian membership to U2 giveaways: some thoughts on free #mcs2014

I will be chairing the Mobile Content Summit in London on Thursday 2nd October. In advance of the event, BusinessTechnology interviewed me for my thoughts on free and making money in a digital age. The interview is reproduced (with permission) below.

The customers of the digital world expect more for less. We read openly-available news online, stream music from Spotify for free, and play chart-topping games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga without parting with any of our cash – initially, at least. Continue Reading


Does this chart show that print is over?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has put together a chart showing how expenditure on the written word varies by demographic. It focuses on newspapers, magazines, books and ebooks. That’s a bit odd because it includes the digital versions of books (ebooks) but not the digital versions of magazines and newspapers (websites).


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Becoming a YouTube star

YouTube is a very powerful medium for reaching an audience, and starting the process of earning the right to talk to them. So much so that in the games industry, YouTubers have become the tastemakers who can make or break games, much more so than that traditional press channels of reviews and the specialist press.

A successful YouTuber recently wrote up what it takes to become a successful YouTuber, the financial model, the benefits and pitfalls of signing up to a multi-channel network and the ethical challenges that YouTubers face.

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